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Ways to Cut Down on Business Travel Costs

Most entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to reduce overheads, especially when profit is yet to come in. It’s illogical to waste money that’s not even there. Fortunately, many service providers aim to help businesspeople reduce their expenses. Take for example the serviced offices provided by the following companies:

Because business premises are leased, entrepreneurs don’t need to spend much on property needs. They’re given an option to rent until such time that they can afford to buy their own office building.

So, when it comes to business trips, cost-saving tips must be employed as well. These include:

  1. Same-day trips

If possible, employees should only spend a day to take care of business, so that accommodation won't be needed. Of course, if a meeting is held on the other side of the world, same-day trips would be next to possible, and travel arrangements would have to be made.On the other hand, if you want to unwind and tour after your business meeting, you can book Groovy Grape Barossa Valley tours in advance. Or how about some Go Whale Watching tours in Sydney so that you and your staff can have an adventure.

Here are more options for you:

  1. Firm travel policy

Make sure you outline what a business trip entails. Be very specific about per diems on various destinations, but make fair adjustments whenever necessary. You can’t provide the same daily allowance in a country with a high-cost of living. Better yet, specify preferred hotels, airlines, mode of transportation and the like. You might want to consider the Apollo Campervans in New Zealand so you can have the accommodation and transportation covered in one go.

  1. Choose an inexpensive accommodation option

When in the Pyrenees, stay at Casa Muria, a charming guesthouse that is very much affordable, but has very impressive amenities. The beauty of Aragonese Pyrenees will make doing business a calm affair as well. As for other destinations, you can make reservations at not-so-expensive hotel chains such as Aetas Bangkok. As it is in the heart of Thailand, expect the rates to be higher. Then again, if you don’t need to travel to places of business interest, you’d still be able to save more.

Here are more of your accommodation options:

  1. Negotiate for corporate discounts

What are businesspeople good at doing? Negotiating, of course. So, using your skill in bargaining, partner with one airline, and use their services on the condition that you’d be given discounts. Tickets should be booked well in advance to get a lower price and, if last-minute travel decisions are made, authorisation should be provided, which your partner airline would honour. If you want, you might even be able to negotiate for Unwind Hunter Valley winery tours with your VIPs if you play your cards right.

Business trips are important, especially when it helps in expanding client base. They don’t have to cost much however. You should also explore the benefits of virtual meetings and ways to make it successful.